Frequently Asked Questions

1Do we need to complete a form before we are married?
Yes, the form is called NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE or NOIM. I provide you with this form and help you complete it at least one month prior to your wedding day.
2How much notice do we need to provide before we can get married?
You need to provide a minimum of one calendar month’s notice. For example, if I receive the signed NOIM form on 15 March, your marriage can take place from the 15 April. You can give up to 18 months’ notice.
3What identification do we have to provide?
An Australian or overseas passport are acceptable forms of identification. I will need to cite your passport (or original Birth Certificate and another form of photo ID – i.e. your driver’s licence) as evidence of your date and place of birth and identity.
4My partner and I have been married before.
No problem, I’ll just need to cite evidence by way of your Decree Absolute for Divorce or your former partner’s Death Certificate.
5How long does the Ceremony usually take?
I typically encourage a ceremony of about 20- 30 minutes, however this can vary depending on the content. I’m happy to discuss this with you in more detail.
6Do we need a witness at our wedding ceremony?
Yes, you are required to have two witnesses who must be over the age of 18 years. They could be members of your family, your bridal party or someone special.
7Where can the wedding ceremony take place?
Anywhere you like. Your own home, a beach, a park, winery, or anywhere else that is special to you and your partner. It is important to check if you need to apply for a council permit if you choose to be married in a public place.
8Do we need to provide any equipment for the ceremony?
I have two microphones and a PA system with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. You will need to provide, or ask your ceremony venue to provide, a signing table and two chairs